Mudshark Recording Studios is a non profit recording facility. The studio is maintained by yearly band/artist memberships. The cost for a yearly membership is $90. A membership with Mudshark gives a band/artist six hours of studio time with each additional hour being $20. The price remains the same for a year. The membership will also allow exclusive access to events and workshops held at the studio.


Why should I record at Mudshark?
-The idea here at Mudshark is to enable an artist to complete a thought and not have to cut corners to get there. We want to allow for a creative space that doesn't have to revolve around money. This gives artists access to high end recording equipment that would not be available in a budget studio or home recording situation. The sad truth is that the majority of budget studios with budget prices have budget equipment. You will not find that here.

Can I send you my songs through drop mail (email) or snail mail for mixing or mastering?

What daw/recording software does Mudshark use?
-Avid Pro Tools 12

We are from out of town. Is there lodging available?
-Yes. There is on site lodging available.

Do you currently have drums and a piano for recording use?

Are you accepting internships or applications for engineers?
-Not at this time.

Can you manufacture my cd, tape or vinyl album?
-No. At this time we can not manufacture your physical media for sale.