Mudshark Recording Studios is a non profit 501(c)(3) recording facility.

Why should I record at Mudshark?
-The idea here at Mudshark is to enable an artist to complete a thought and not have to cut corners to get there. We want to allow for a creative space that doesn't have to revolve around money. This gives artists access to high end recording equipment and experience that would not be available with a budget studio or home recording situation. The sad truth is that the majority of budget studios with budget prices have budget equipment and budget talent. You will not find that here.



$25 an hour for mixing and mastering services.


Does the $25 an hour include an engineer?

-Yes, me.

Can I use the equipment myself or bring in my own engineer/producer?

-No, sorry.


Can I send you my songs through email or snail mail for mixing or mastering?

What daw/recording software does Mudshark use?
-Avid Pro Tools

We are from out of town. Is there lodging available?
-Yes. There is on site lodging available.

Do you currently have drums, amps, guitars and a piano for that I can use?

Are you accepting any internships?
-Maybe. Drop us a line.


Can you manufacture my cd, tape or vinyl album?
-No. At this time we can not manufacture your physical media.

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