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The Story Begins..

In 1974, Phil Gall opened up his home and living room to the music community and in the span of 30 years, he touched the lives of musicians from Flagstaff to the border towns of Arizona and beyond.
He was an eccentric kinda fellow, a perfectionist with a solid radio background and a love for analog recording. Mudshark Studios started out with only a Teac 80-8 eight track tape machine, a handful of microphones, a dog, some Beatles records, a small control room and a group of talented friends.

Locals would say the lights never turned off in the house, hosting nightly recording sessions, parties or whatever came first. There have always been stories of late night stop offs and flybys from members of the Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead to Steve Miller and Linda Ronstadt to maybe jam or just to record a demo on their way out to LA.

After Phil's passing in 2014, the arts community of Flagstaff lost a generous, talented, beloved, eccentric character who was an essential piece of Northern Arizona's music scene for 40 years.

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